Sun, sea and sand in the city of Vancouver..

Well.. We made all in one piece, bikes and all!!

What a beautiful city to start our travels in – I have truly fallen in love with this place, it is SO beautiful, and for a major city,is it is unbelievably chilled which is so refreshing!

We found ourselves a lovely place to stay just a 5 minute bus ride out of downtown Vancouver, which was cheap and cheerful but absolutely perfect. Plus, the lady we stayed with had a lovely dog which was a bonus!

As we were on a 3 night stay in Vancouver we had a lot to fit in with not much time to do it all but boy did we do well! I don’t think I have EVER walked so much in my life – if I sat too long for a coffee my legs started to cease up, not great right?!

I managed to throw aside my fears and walk across the Capilano Suspention Bridge, which is a stomach renching 230 ft above the Capilano River and 460 ft in length!! Now, I would love to say I took my time and really soaked in the breathtaking views, that was definitely not the case.. I had my eyes firmly on the other end of the bridge until I was back on solid ground!

BUT.. I got across, and the daredevil David absolutely loved every second of it, annoyingly!

We even got to cross the water briefly to visit Granville Island, which had the cutest food market, David did have to keep reminding me we’re here for a long time though, as I was busy looking for presents for people back home! I guess it will feel like a holiday for a good while until I settle into a routine.

David even trusted me enough to be in control on a tandem bike ride around Stanley Park – it may have only been for 10 minutes before we swapped over but I think I got my payback for the Capilano Bridge trip!!

Well, that’s a brief snippet of a fab 3 nights in the city, but Whistler is our next stop.

My next post will *hopefully* be written in our new apartment once we are all moved in, but I shall let you know!!

Harriet xx

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